Protect Your Business

Don’t let your business fall because someone else has tried to hurt it!

When people search for your business you have to show them what you want them to see.

Potential customers read bad reviews and run a mile…

There is so much competition out there and every business must fight for their survival. Why would a customer go with you when they could go elsewhere? If you have bad reviews and complaints showing up in search results for your business, they will go with your competitors instead.

Online reputation is everything. If you don’t have a positive online reputation then you don’t have a chance. Companies with 5 star reviews and a strong presence get all the business. This is because they dominate search results and good things show up when you search for their business name.

You must protect your business reputation.

When your business reputation is damaged by online reviews, complaints or negative news stories you suddenly have to compete with this every day. People do a lot of research before using a company, so when they look for your business you must look good. Having a website simply will not cut it now. As we write this its 2015, and Google is getting smarter by the day. Billions of people use the Internet and they are searching for your services. If you are not found online, you don’t exist.

And if you are found online you can’t afford for them to read negative things about your company.

With so much choice out there, a bad search result or a poor rating means that some other company gets their business. Stop losing money and repair your business reputation.

Negative Reviews Destroy Your Credibility

When someone reads a bad review about you, they don’t trust you. They believe the reviews that are there. 1 star reviews and complaints are a big warning sign for a potential customer. They tell the viewer to choose a different company… And they go straight to the companies with 5 star reviews, testimonials and glowing accounts.

Before you think about adding a heap of positive reviews… THINK AGAIN.

We have seen this time and time before. Review websites have advanced spam filters and they flag up a new positive review that is suddenly created and then never logs in again. They flag up what they believe is false. Then they can add a big warning on the page that there has bee suspicious activity. BANG worst case ever. Your reputation is permanently ruined.

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