How To Hide Bad Reviews

how-to-remove-bad-reviewsSo you have found bad reviews and they appear on search results. When people look for your business they find the negative reviews, read them, and then decide to go elsewhere.

This means you lose out on customers, your competitors get extra business, you lose money and you have a bad reputation. What’s worse is that it’s right there on page 1 all the time.

So how do you remove the bad reviews from view?

In order to repair the damage you must stop people reading the negative stuff. You can do this in a number of ways.

  1. Ask/Plead for Google to remove it.  – Very Unlikely
  2. Get extra positive reviews added to replace the negative – Complicated
  3. Hide the website under a network of positive information – Time consuming


Trying to replace negative reviews

The only way to clear your online reputation is to do a mixture of 2 and 3. But you have to be extremely careful posting bogus reviews on your review websites. These companies that control review websites aren’t stupid so you can’t just dump positive reviews on and think that will solve it. They have complex algorithms. If you alert them to suspicious activity they can put notes on your account and then everyone will know that you tried to doctor your online reviews – HORRIFIC!

Building a Protective Barrier

The best way to hide bad reviews and negative search results is to dominate and own all the results on page 1. This means building and developing a complete network of positive informaton and then using advanced SEO techniques to rank this network at the top of page so that it pushes negative reviews (and anything else that harms your image), off page 1 and down where no one will see it.

Business woman showing white copy spaceThis can be time consuming and very complicated. But as a bad reputation costs you so much in lost business it is something you have to do if you are serious about continuing your business… The longer you leave bad reviews out there, the more money you will lose, and the more authority these results will gain. You have to act quickly and effectively if you are to repair the damage.

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