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remove_bad-reviews_onlineIf your business has bad reviews, customer complaints and negative feedback online you are missing out.

A negative review is one of the worst things that can happen to your business.

It puts off potential customers and damages your credibility.

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Businesses with bad reviews fail

Having a bad review about your business is terrible for your business reputation.



Hiding Bad Reviews in The Internet

Search results are so important. If your business has negative search results then it looks bad. If you look bad you suffer. In this day and age, image is everything.

Potential customers are there ready to give you their money… If they read a bad review about your company they will not do business with you. If they read a customer complaining about your product or your service, you look bad.

Trying to remove these negative reviews on the internet is notoriously difficult. Business owners have found it very hard to get negative reviews removed from Yelp, TripAdvisor, UrbanSpoon, and hundreds of very popular and powerful websites.

The reason for this is because their very existence depends on them being able to publish the views of customers. If these are unfavourable it will not stop them being published.

hide-negative-business-reviews-bad-business-reputation-repairThe only way to repair your reputation is to demote and suppress negative search results. By hiding them and pushing them down to page 2 and 3 we can protect your online reputation and make sure that when a customer searches for your company they find positive reviews, helpful information and assets that you control.

We develop protective networks that repair your online reputation and hide bad reviews.

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Deleting Business Reviews From Google

If you have negative reviews on Google, everyone can see them. All your customers and potential customers can read the reviews and form an opinion about your company based on the reviews.

People believe what they read and if they see an angry customer complaining about you on Google, they are going to walk straight into the arms of your competitors. In terms of your online reputation, there are not many things that damage your reputation more than negative reviews.

So how do you get rid of these bad reviews?

You may be desperate to remove them altogether, but these review websites will not just delete a bad review just because you don’t like it. Even if it’s a competitor, even if its a fake review, even if the complaint is not true or embellished.

When you find a bad review do not act irrationally. You have to get rid of it, but how you get rid of it is of vital importance.  Never reply angrily to these reviews. It is the worst thing you can do, and you can make it an even bigger problem.

If you hide and suppress these negative reviews you will have the best results.

hide-negative-business-reviews-bad-business-reputation-repairYou have to replace negative reviews with positive information that people want to see. In order to do this you have to have a network of optimised content that is capable of replacing the bad reviews, suppressing them and replacing them with assets that you control.

If you have bad business reviews you have to take action now. You have to make sure that this can not happen again, and that you are protected. By taking the right action and taking it seriously you can repair your business reputation and move forward stronger.

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Bad Reviews Destroy Your Reputation

If you have negative reviews and bad search results your business suffers dramatically.

A bad review tells other people that you are not trustworthy and that they should not do business with you. People read reviews before making a buying decision, so why would they trust a business that has negative reviews when they can easily choose a company with 5 star reviews and glowing recommendations?

Hiding Customer Complaints

In many cases these bad reviews can not be deleted and removed so they have to be hidden, replaced, suppressed and buried. The problem is, that these review websites are powerful and rank very high in search results.

Suppressing Bad Reviews & Replacing Them

hide-negative-business-reviews-bad-business-reputation-repairThe most effective way to repair your reputation and hide bad reviews and negative search results is to develop a network of highly optimised assets that you can control.

When people search for your business, you want them to see positive reviews and good things!

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Hiding Bad Reviews on TripAdvisor

Business Review websites are extremely influential, as people read reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Only companies with good reviews flourish in the online world, and even if your company is successful and has a lot of happy customers, a bad review can cost you a lot of money in lost business and a damaged reputation.

Can I remove a bad review on TripAdvisor?

In most cases a bad review will not be deleted by TripAdvisor itself, and it can not be removed just because the review is not complimentary.

Hiding Bad TripAdvisor Reviewshide+bad+review+tripadvisor

Hiding a bad review is the most secure and efficient ways of dealing with online customer complaints and negative reviews from TripAdvisor.

We have seen many cases where people have attempted to manipulate their review systems in order to remove a bad review. This can be extremely dangerous and damaging to your online reputation. 

It can then quickly be flagged that you are doing something dodgy, so don’t think about it.

In order to repair the damage the bad reviews have to be hidden from view and replaced in search results by positive assets that you control.

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Help Hiding Bad Reviews Online

We can hide all kinds of bad reviews, negative comments, news articles, social media complaints, forums, images, videos and a wide range of media that damages your image and reputation.

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Negative Business Reviews on The Internet

If your business has a bad review, or someone writes something negative about your company on the Internet, you suffer.

negative-business-reviews-on-internetEvery time a potential customer reads a negative review about your company they decide to go elsewhere.

Negative reviews also show up in search engines so they rank high on page 1 for your business and they destroy all the work you have done.

How many people are reading these bad reviews and going elsewhere?

With more and more people doing online shopping and reading reviews before they choose a product or service, just think about how much money you are losing out on by having a negative online reputation.

How Can I Repair The Damage To My Reputation?

If you want to hide and repair the damage caused by negative search results, you have to take control of your online image, and control page 1 of Google. This is called Business Reputation Management.


hide-negative-business-reviews-bad-business-reputation-repairBusiness Reputation Management

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